Review rebuild your vision program

Review rebuild your vision program

Review rebuild your vision program is great because it is a100 % natural solution to many eye vision problems. The are many positive 100% guaranteed healthy solutions for a healthy life, meaning ingredients that conducive to a healthy life.  Choosing the healthy options over the  unhealthy ones.  There are four basic ingredients:  clean fresh water, clean fresh oxygen, balanced nutrition and regular physical exercise, preferably outdoors.

Review: Rebuild Your Vision program
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Rebuild Your Vision Program Kit.

The kit comes in a white cardboard box that weighs about 3 pounds. Inside the contents are:

  • Binder folder
  • 89 A4 pages of program information
  • Audio course on a CD
  • Vision Defense software program on a CD
  • 3 Eye charts
  • Eye patch
  • Sting bead
  • Mineral, vitamin and herb supplement sample (if requested Ocu-Plus Formula).

Two ways to use the Review rebuild your vision program:

Reading from the text, or listening to the audio files either downloaded onto a computer or from the CD.

Dedication, consistency and motivation.

The program is no easy magic; the results are achieved from regular eye exercises, sensible instructions, and from a well balanced natural nutrition.
Any short time efforts may not produce results; it may take several weeks before noticeable results are noticeable.

Strong claims that regular eye exercises can remove the dependency on corrective eye glasses.

Suggestions to decrease the description of eye glasses and also eye contacts, only if the environment is not endangering.

Try to obtain a description that is slightly under corrected, that allows to see at a 20/30 or 20/40 range.

This allows to progress in a positive direction, and to work your way to the lesser description as the vision improves with the Rebuild Your Vision program.

Actually talking about reversing your vision problems and improving upon the damage already occurs.

Working with reduced description should only be done with activities that are not in a dangerous environment.
Here are some of the exercises provided with the Rebuild Your Vision program kit.

  • String beads exercise. Beads on a string.Improving the focusing ability of the eyes, for both close and distant accommodation. Adjusting the point of focus from at arms length to the tip of the nose.  it is an exercise in control,  gradual controlled focusing as the eyes travel focusing along the string to the beads and beyond.

Be consistent with the daily eye exercises.

Consistency to the daily exercises is necessary to see the positive changes of an improved eyesight.  Most people would agree that through regular daily exercise their physical health can be improved, especially if the daily exercises have a specific goal to improve specific areas of their health.  The eye vision system, generally speaking, also has muscles and nutritional needs that enable it to function, grow and regenerate in a consistent manner.   Other ways to improve the eye vision is to think preventative  and eliminate harmful environments and negative practices.   Computer vision syndrome is caused by near-point stress over long periods of time.  Vision Defense software program can reduce the negative effects of it by reminding the computer user to break up the near-point stress every 10-20 minutes, and to relieve the eyes by focusing at further distances for 10-20 seconds at a time.   Also, the use a reliable nutrition supplement can support the nutritional needs of a healthy eye vision. Other ways to support a healthy eye vision are:

  • Massage exercise. A massage at the end of the eye exercises.  Sitting down relaxed, using the middle and index finger to massage the temple surrounding the eyes.
  • In close, and Out far focusing. Switching point of focus from a close distance while holding a card in one hand, which has letters of an alphabet, and also switching further out to the eye chart set at further distance. In and out exercise is performed more than any other exercise.  In chart and an out chart, also an eye patch.  Patch one eye, focusing on a letter of the alphabet on the eye chart.

This exercise requires that the distance is measured and recorded, from the point where the chart is viewed from.  The eye chart is placed at a distance, so that a singular letter can be recognized, looking through one eye at a time.  The eye chart has 6 rows of letter that correspond with the scale of 10/70 down to 20/20.  202/20 meaning that at 20 feet away, the row of letters (9mm tall) can be recognized through a single eye view.
The smaller eye chart card that is held in the hand also had various size letters on it.  The exercise requires that the smaller chart is held below the eye chart that is at a distance so that the eye focus is obtained at arm’s length (9-30 centimeters)  and the eye view can quickly and smoothly move from the small hand chart to the chart at a distance and focusing with clarity.   This exercise tests the flexibility of the eye focus ability. Focusing and re-adjusting the focus from a near-point to a distant point with clear focus clarity.   The purpose is to focus as clearly as possible, both near distances and further away objects.  This exercise is performed for both individual eyes at a time, using an eye patch.  The second level to this exercise is done with both eyes open, normally this makes visibility and focus noticeably stronger.   Because of the recorded distance of view and the size of the letter row on the eye chart, this will reveal if the eye vision is improved over time.  Providing that this exercise is made in the same location, at least at the same light conditions. The lighting condition do produce variation in the ability to focus clearly, poor light conditions will produce poor results. Reading small print during clear day sunlight enables reading of relatively small print, a contrast to poor indoor lighting, and keep this in mind when testing your eye vision strengths.

  •  Three cups. Level 1-3.

Many of the rebuild Your Vision Program exercises come in various levels, e.g. 1, 2, 3.

There is a recommended training routine given by the Rebuild Your Vision program.

There are three options given with a recommendation guide for a particular weakness or an eye vision problem:
Routine # 1:
Nearsightedness and / or Astigmatism.
Routine # 2:
Aging Vision and/ or Farsightedness.
Routine # 3:
Aging Vision and Nearsightedness.
The routine is then listed out in a sequence of days.

  1. Day 1-6.
  2. Day 7-12.
  3. Day 13-18.
  4. Day 19-24.
  5. Day 25-30.
  6. Day 31-60.
  7. Day 60 and beyond.

There are recommendations that once the personal goals are achieved after 60 days and beyond. That the Rebuild Your Vision program exercises should have become familiar by then, and also know which techniques work best for a particular eye vision rebuilding need.  Then the exercises routines can be done in succession, including the relaxation exercises and rest periods.

As mentioned at the beginning of this page:

Dedication, Consistency and Motivation are important ingredients for achieving success.

The human body has many systems, each system has their common needs as well as a unique set of needs, and some of the common needs of the human body system are regular physical exercise, fresh clean drinking water, fresh clean air, balanced nutrition, protein, fats, minerals, vitamins. By participating in healthy outdoor activities can improve the physical health as well as lift the emotional spirits and a generate a positive optimistic mindset, that keep the wheel rolling even when challenged by the gravitational pull of an uphill.    Cycling is a great sport recreational activity that I recommend to anybody, always keep your wits about you focused and calculate all unnecessary risks in advance, and avoid them.

Review rebuild your vision program

Rebuild Your Vision is a well-Researched program.

I think Rebuild Your Vision program is well researched, I am trying it out and hope to see some results in due time. I agree that the best time to do the exercises is early in the morning, first thing on the to-do-list.  It is a natural exercise program with a sample mineral, vitamins and herb supplement provided for the first 30 days. The supplement needs more though and perhaps a future topic to write on.  I think Rebuild your Vision Program is a positive option for a vital topic, the human vision system. Rebuild Your Vision Program offers a Natural solution to a whole range of eye vision problems that many people encounter, and too often the first remedy on offer is corrective lenses, which in turn fix the poor eye condition to a standstill, or even to a gradual decrease of the eye vision.

Watch a video of the unboxing of the Rebuild Your Vision Kit from this YouTube link.

Thank you for reading this review: Review rebuild your vision program, I hope this has been helpful to you, and to your commitment to better your eye vision, with the Rebuild your eye vision program.  A genuine effort with understanding can improve your eye vision, it is a logical conclusion, based on the physical laws of the eye vision system, and the biological system o f the human body, that rebuilds and renews the human body every day.  That is another reason why food should be viewed not as “comfort stuff”, but as the building blocks for a healthy body and mind.

Read up on the following Week 3 of the Review from this link.


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