Eye exercise

Eye exercise

Eye exercise can vary a lot from one type of exercise to another, the eye exercise  can  sharpen the focus (accommodation) and strengthen the muscles that control the  eye movement .  Watch a video of the ocular muscles, that control the movement of the eyes.

What is an Eye exercise?

Different people will have different opinions, belief’s and understanding on what eye exercises are.   Initially for many people, eye exercises may be relaxing exercises or eye muscle strengthening exercises.  Or eye exercise  can be eye vision improvement exercises, that work the entire visual system to enhance the eye vision performance, and also to reduce or eliminate eye vision disorders.  Prevention is better than a cure, eye vision system improvement program does have a whole range of exercises that are very specific for a specific function for the eye vision system,   including working the eyes individually one by one, using an eye patch to cover one eye at a time.


Eye Exercise is a natural method to solve eye vision problems.

Prevention is better than a cure, eye exercises is a  natural solution to problem solving, the other options may be corrective lenses, contact lenses or eye surgery.  These are not outlandish claims, just like for many thousands of people of the future, the pain of heart surgery can be avoided, if they take preventative measures and look after their fitness and health.  People need to walk more, drive less, exercise more, watch TV less, more nutrition, less junk food,  cycle more and use the taxi less.  The same old dynamics of life are still active in today’s modern world.  Technology has made life a lot cushy for many people, as result, many people’s health had declined to a miserable poor level.

A Healthy lifestyle should be a priority.

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Eye exercise
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What eye exercises can do.

Eye exercise do improve coordination and flexibility.

  • Exercise to the muscles that focus the vision up close and far away.
  • Exercise to improve the control, speed, and precision of the eyes focus.
  • Exercise to improve visual acuity; eyes focus ability for close and distant objects, accommodation of vision.

Some exercises are specific to a specific eye needs, to improve and strengthen a weakness.
The eye vision problem may be such as:

  1. Nearsightedness and or Astigmatism.
  2. Aging Vision and or Farsightedness.
  3. Aging vision and Nearsightedness.

To part take in an eye vision exercise program does take personal commitment and discipline.   The best part of the day to do them is in the morning when the eyes are fresh and relaxed from overnight quality sleep,  at least, quality sleep and rest is a desirable goal to aim for.   The eye exercises may take less than 30 minutes, doing several exercises routines.  One exercise may only take 1-4 minutes per each eye.  It may not sound much, but consciously focusing and re-focusing on a eye chart at a distance and up close chart does take a willingness to improve one’s eye vision, and the resolve to follow up on it every morning until it becomes a normal routine.    It’s not that the program tasks are difficult, or demanding, but the truth is that people often can be ridiculously lazy to do anything positive for their health and wellness.  Make the effort, it is well worth it.

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