Joyous Fun Peace Love and Prosperity 2016

Joyous Fun Peace Love and Prosperity 2016

Joyous Fun Peace Love and Prosperity 2016 is for you to make it a reality. Joyous Fun Peace Love and Prosperity 2016 is a positive statement and it can be a real possibility for most healthy people. It may be just a matter of planning and setting personal goals for the New Year. That is the only way to bring about a change in matters of health if they have a direct connection to personal choice and decision. Outdoor activities, exercise routine, and physical habits, similar to eating habits also are a matter of choice and decision making. It may take some time to exercise the mind so that it can control the people’s day to day matters, opposed to compulsive behavior. Questions then surface as to what point does a person’s behavior depend on clear thinking? Or spontaneous action? One way to find out is to write out a list of things to do at the end of the day, and try and get all things done on the list the following day. The list then can reveal how one behaves, and how does the behavior come about, was it circumstance, convenience or something else? Another method is to write a diary, keeping a record of the things done, the only difference is that the diary is more of a mirror, looking backward after the event. Instead of planning ahead of time, before it happens. Writing a list of things to do is really a dynamic way to organize and plan the activities ahead of time, it is a deliberate course of action for desired goals and achievements in life, and it really can bring about positive outcomes in life. Do try it.

Joyous Fun Peace Love and Prosperity 2016

Joyous Fun Peace Love and Prosperity 2016 and beyond

New Year is the perfect occasion to celebrate love, friendships and all the good things in life. Let’s take the time to appreciate what this year has given us and what the new one is about to bring! Happy New Years!

May all your dreams come true. Wishing you a Happy New Years filled with tons of good luck!

New Years is a chance for all of us to leave our mistakes behind and start fresh. Let’s freshen up! Happy New Years!

The Entire year blank, start writing your fantastic future now, is very much a possibility if you use your cognitive mind powers as a planning tool to design your future. To some people, this may seem unrealistic to other’s it is a no brainer. Of course one needs to use his/her noggin to plan the future very precisely, life should not be a gamble, it is a high-risk gamble with time to let it go by without doing nothing about improving one’s life.

Get the right education Joyous Fun Peace Love and Prosperity 2016

Education is one way to learn how to think, to think logically, to think rationally and to think socially in larger groups. People can learn to be social in their inner social circle’s but with the education environments, there are more challenges and more competition to compete with many more people’s perspectives and points of view.  Education environment can also lift the competition much higher, resulting in having to try harder, to learn more, and to be much more effective in the communications skills.  There are no easy paths to education; it is only through cognitive processes and work that learning can be achieved. New Information and new data about the world that we live in, new concepts to understand, new tools to use forgiven objective goals.  Tools for work require a logical understanding, most tools use a logical process.  And to understand the processes one needs to learn how to think logically.

Purpose of self-development

The New Year is a fine time to think about self-development; there are many areas of a personal life that may need a review and a check up. Most often life is driven by the physical activity and physical life that includes work, rest time, recreational time and other personal devotions.  Over time things do change, things in life don’t stay therefore, all areas of life need a tune up, adjusting and sometimes re-direction and refocus. A new career may bring a big challenge to personal discipline and learning, to make most of the time available.  Likewise new technologies and new work tools may seem overwhelming in the beginning of a new learning process, break down the learning down to bite size pieces, that way it can be an enjoyable, meaningful and rewarding experience.

Why plan grocery shopping list and nutrition objectives

Whether it is general health or fitness, the starting point often is the shopping grocery list, to write down and check what food items have nutritional health benefits to the consumer, and what items are purely comfort foods. Meaning that they are usually loaded with sugars, like sweets, ice cream, candy, pastries, donuts, pies, cakes, etc. The alternative is to select items that have natural sugars, e.g. fresh fruits, dried fruits like sultanas, dates, prunes, apples, pears, etc.  Some of these can be expensive, but not so for sultanas, I kg of sultans are most often inexpensive.

Morality and sin

Morality and sin by choice, neglect, or default of the environment can be a very rewarding and life enriching traits to conquer and to spiritually master. Ideally, it is something learned very early in life with the support of loving parents and family. But relatively very people have such an ideal family upbringing, where they weaned out of thei many moral wise, or corruption in their personal character. It really does require a super big effort from parents to bring up their children in a way that the children grow up morally healthy and strong.  Most often parents will use religion, beliefs and spirituality to guide the children to moral values and for a deep respect to a life, and a healthy dose of the fear of God. To the foolish fear of God is ridiculed, and to the wise fear of God is wisdom. It develops the heart and the mind of the person to be spiritually disciplined.  It is the spirit within that moves the physical being to do actions. By maintaining a spiritual balance, the mind, and the body is kept in check with disciplines of the mind and the will. Christianity does Yeshua the Christ, as the author of the Church as a fine example how to live a disciplined life. To learn about Christianity one needs to consider the life of Yeshua, and to read his philosophy in life, how important was morality and the absence of sin in his life on the earth some 2000 years ago.

Whatever is beautiful, Whatever is meaningful, Whatever brings you happiness…May it be yours this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year!

Thank you for visiting website and reading up on this New Year Greetings!  Joyous Fun Peace Love and Prosperity 2016 Have a Great Prosperous New Year 2016.  Cheers!

Week 7 natural eye vision program review

Week 7 natural eye vision program review

Week 7 natural eye vision program review and beyond further to several months.  Having conducted my own self-supervised Natural Eye vision program using the Rebuild Your Vision Kit for well over seven weeks here is an update on my opinion of the Rebuild Your Vision Kit.

Week 7 natural eye vision program review
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Regular eye vision exercises

Once the training guideline and the individual exercises are learned and put into practice then it is just a matter of time keeping up to a regular eye vision exercise routine.  There is no doubt that a healthy  eye vision does require focus discipline and regular eye exercises.  Continued variations of changes int he focus and refocus of objects near and far.  A regular eye vision exercise workout can happen in some environments more than others.  It is no exaggeration to say that some prolonged situations including work environments are not helping the eye vision system to stay healthy and active.  Some situations and environments can be detrimental to a healthy eye vision. See more info at Week 7 natural eye vision program review

Week 7 natural eye vision program review
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Outdoors nature field trips

Outdoors nature can be very healthy to the eye vision for several reasons.  Week 7 natural eye vision program review.

  • relaxing exercise
  • the unknown forest environment
  • Inquisitive mind
  • focus on objects of interest
  • Focus and refocus on objects close and further out
  • continues observation in a forest of ever-changing viewpoints and terrain
  • physically moving on two legs with the power of the human body and observing the environment.

Week 7 natural eye vision program review

Summary:  Week 7 natural eye vision program review of the Rebuild Your Vision eye vision exercise kit over the last 7 weeks has had many practical applications, it helps you to understand how the eyes work and what role eye exercises and eye vision habits have. E.g. working at a computer desktop can lead to near point stress, with the Rebuild Your Vision kit exercises and the 20/20/20 computer reminder timer  can help to reverse the damage that near point stress does. Near point stress will make your eye vision weaker, it will have physical consequences on the physical anatomy of the eyes.

It is a good idea to learn the exercises and to do them after the 7-week training schedule, at least, several times per week or more if you have a real need to strengthen your eye vision need. Obviously healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are two important factors for a healthy eye vision.    So don’t compromise a healthy life.

Discipline to find the time for exercises

The biggest challenge I can think of for busy people would be to have the discipline needed to do the exercises initially for 6 times per week and later down to 3 or less per week.  Some people are very disciplined, they can get up and go jogging early in the morning before work, others will find it a struggle to get up out of bed before 9:00 in the morning, while others will be returning home at 9 am from a night work shift.  So in my opinion, the biggest challenge to making a difference to your life through discipline and exercise is the commitment to follow through on a plan that really does make a difference over time.    It is not a question of “will it work”, or “is it a trick”, physical activity does make a difference, passive inactivity leads to muscular decline, physical fitness and loss of muscular and spiritual energy.

Useful tool to improve the eye vision system naturally

The Rebuild Your Vision kit is only a tool for improving the eye vision, the results with a healthy eye vision that depends entirely on how it is applied. With a diligent application of the eye vision exercises much can be learned about individuals own visual experience of life and how they use their eye vision system. Each person has a unique eye print impression through how their choices, habits and practices of using their eye vision system.

Active Physical lifestyle does improve the overall health

Great physical health improvement results can be achieved be attained by merely using two wheels on a bicycle, some people will use a bicycle regularly to improve their health while others are skeptical and full of unbelief whether it would make any difference to their health.  The fight and the battle for better-improved health may start when the will is engaged to take action, to engage in health and to disengage from poor health practices, inactivity, negative unhealthy lifestyles, and pessimism.  I hope the last three months has been useful leading up to the final review of the training course at Week 7 natural eye vision program review.

Week 6 natural eye vision program review

Week 6 natural eye vision program review

Week 6 natural eye vision program review Days 31-60 and beyond.

Week 6 natural eye vision program review.
The Rebuild Your Vision program routine recommends at this point in week 6 that all of the Vision Improvement Exercises along with Descriptions and Illustrations should be known very well including the techniques that vary within an exercise.  It is also mentioned in the guide that the individual person doing the exercises should have learned by now at this point of the program (active week 6) which exercises work best for the individual eye vision need.

Week 6 natural eye vision program review

From there it is also suggested for further improvement to create my own personal weekly routine using the Rebuild Your Vision program eye vision exercises doing the 25-minute sessions per morning that must include the relaxation eye exercises. Or alternatively perform the Days 19-24, 25-30 and 31-60 sessions in succession rather than creating your own weekly eye exercise routine, for the individual eye vision needs whether they are; aging vision, farsightedness or any other combination.

Week 6 natural eye vision program review
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Testimony from the author of the Rebuild Your Vision brand.

The Rebuild Your Vision program starts with the testimony of Orlin G. Sorensen, after  4 year college degree, scholastic excellence, knowledge and experience of aviation, demanding physical abilities were a just few of the requirements  his attempt to qualify for  a military pilot license and to compete with thousands of others for what may have been less than a hundred opportunities in a given year.  The problem became apparent to Orlin Sorensen was his increasing blurry vision at the college age, it was required by the FAA that he wear glasses during his training flights. The military requirement for uncorrected 20/20 vision was not flexible and corrective surgery was not allowed to meet the requirements, so his dream career was challenged.  After talking to many military recruiters about career options, he was directed to civilian aviation as a commercial pilot.  Civilian pilots are only required to have 20/20 vision while wearing their glasses, regardless of their uncorrected vision measurements.

Orlin G. Sorensen eye vision at the college age continued to weaken and the need for stronger prescriptions was recommended. At the worst stage of eye vision, it was measured at 20/100 in the left eye and 20/70 in the right eye with the overall  vision measured at 20/85. To cut a long story short, he was introduced to the practical eye vision exercises which he researched and studied further and developed it to the stage that is available in the Rebuild Your Vision kit being review here in this review article.

Eye vision recovery

Orlin G. Sorensen used the eye vision exercises and improved his own vision dramatically, according to his own testimony he improved his vision from 20/85 to 20/25 in one month.  His own eye vision recovery and success story has motivated him and became a goal to share the Rebuild Your Vision naturally program with others.

Summary:  Week 6.

I have continued doing the Routine #2 weekly eye exercises. This week (Wk 6) they are the In & Out (each eye)/level 2, String bead, Pinball, 3 Cups and two eye vision relaxation exercises. The exercises are becoming more familiar and routine; I have some of the props ready in place so that I don’t have to set them up each morning that I do the exercises. Simply by hanging the string bead on a clip on a wall, it is a ready set when I need it. Secondly, I have a small double sided tape on a glass window that works really well for a distant view past the 3 Cup 3a exercise, I can put up the card, walk back from it and look right past the card into the distance, which is a must to be able to do the exercise. The other clip I have is for the eye chart that I view from 20 feet (7.7 m).  That way the props are quick to put up, I don’t leave the eye chart out in the sunlight continuously because the sunlight will deteriorate the print over time, like all prints they fade over time in the sunlight. Only the string beads I leave out continuously on the wall.

Understanding eye vision

I have also come to realize that the eye vision muscles are generally in two areas, there are six extra eyes ocular muscles that control the movement of the eye from the outside of the eyeball that enables the eye vision to look up and down and from side to side and around.
Then there is the Ciliary muscle a ring of striated smooth muscle in the eye’s middle layer (vascular layer)
that controls accommodation for viewing objects at varying distances by the release of tension of the zonular fibers
that in effect causes the lens to become more spherical,
for near point focus.  The reverse is the relaxation of the Ciliary muscle causes the zonular fibers to become taut,
flattening the lens, change in the lens surface angle for the further focal distance, accommodating for long distance focus.

Balanced Nutrition

Obviously, the details of the eye anatomy calls for a well-balanced nutritional response, to eat a well balanced healthy nutrition and to live a healthy lifestyle because it is the intelligent response to a very sophisticated human anatomy overall, the human body does not feed itself, someone has to make purchasing decisions, choices and also to put the food in the mouth for the human body with the eleven biological system for work in a balanced harmony. The eye vision exercises work the muscles, they flex and strengthen and change reasonably, to adapt to the demands placed on them by the environment, along with the nutritional supply line that support their existence.


Antioxidants are also needed because of the nature of consuming food daily (accumulative) and with the increase of toxins in the artificial food ingredients and colors, chemicals, toxic environments and in some cases nicotine and unhealthy work environments.  Toxins will build up over time and accumulate in areas that can affect the human biological systems including the eye vision system. So therefore it is smart to eat foods that have natural antioxidants properties in them,  raw fruit and vegetables are just two examples where to get them from.

But that is not all, the mind also plays its part in the overall symphony of the human anatomy, it is the mind that sees it does need the hardware of the eye anatomy and the software of the chemistry but it is in the brain that it all comes to together and the image appears in the mind, all of the eye vision system components are vital for vision.   So, therefore, it is also vital to take good care of the mind, to respect and to appreciate a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment. With self-respect and appreciation along with well-balanced nutrition and an environment of harmony in the human anatomy is like a well-maintained machine that responds well to the many tasks and demands placed on it. A machine is a fine metaphor for the human body, because similar to a machine that does not have a regularly supply of oil, or is not lubricated and fed good fuel it will not perform as intended, it will fail, break down and not start when needed.

Until next time keep doing what is right and keep practicing a healthy lifestyle in the food choices that you make.

For the next Rebuild Your Vision Program week 7, click this link.


Review week 5

Review week 5

Review week 5 . Days 25-30.
Routine 2#. For the purpose of this Rebuild Your Vision product Review, I am doing the Routine 2# eye exercises. It is for the Aging vision and or farsightedness. Translated it means that the ability to focus clearly on objects close up is weakening. At the same time viewing details of images further away maintain a clear vision, even at 20/20/20 clarity.
New changes to this week specific eye exercises are in the 3 Cup: Level 2b and 3a. Also, the string bead eye exercise is back this week.


Keys to success

The Natural Eye Vision program by Rebuild Your Vision does have a list of the seven essential keys to success. These keys are important to consider, the specific eye exercises are designed to strengthen the eyes ability to focus clearly and accurately naturally. For those that do use eye corrective lenses for various reasons need to read this with understanding. The eye vision exercises that are done naturally for 25 minutes, 5-6 mornings per week, strengthen the eyes in the natural focus state ability, and with a well-balanced nutrition that includes all of the essential nutrients and a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical exercise and outdoors activities in touch with the natural world environment that includes quality sleep and rest.

Review week 5
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Holistic approach to good health

This holistic approach is to give the human body with the eleven biological organ systems the optimal environment that it needs to grow, repair, rebuild and maintain each day at the biological level.
The potential conflict between the daily natural eye vision exercises and the use of corrective eye vision lenses is in how the eyes will adjust to what the demands placed on them. If the daily work demands are at near-point-stress 40-50 hours per week, then that will have an impact on the eye anatomy, just like any other biological organ system is affected and changed by the environment demands.

Understanding and knowledge

For those people that have a mind full of unbelief, cocooned in their presumptions and prejudices, they are in conflict with the concept of a natural world in a natural environment, where natural health is desirable and it is defended naturally. There needs to be a resolve by the person doing the natural eye vision program, they need to know and understand what natural health is if they don’t then, at least, they need to have the desire for a healthy lifestyle and want to learn what natural health and well being is. If there is no appreciation and respect for the human biological organ systems and for the sense of wellness that food, health and nutrition provides, what is the point of training for something that the participant has no interest in, it is like forcing a child to participate in piano lessons when the child has no interest in playing piano for the joy of piano music.

Here are the keys of success.

  1. Reduce the amount dependency on eye glasses. (But do not endanger yourself or others).
  2. Decrease current description as you work through the eye exercises naturally.
  3. Use the 10/10/10 rule. After ten minutes near-point-stress work, focus away for ten seconds at ten feet of further.
  4. Use essential nutrient supplements.
  5. Flex, exercise and strengthen the eye vision for clear vision.
  6. The Eye vision system is a complex system; use the eye focus exercises to appreciate the full eye vision potential.
  7. Use eye relaxation exercises daily.

The eye vision exercises this week have the 3 Cups Level 3a, is really uncanny and interesting exercise. It introduces a new level of consciousness in a specific focus of the eyes, and how the movement of the body makes it more challenging for the eyes to maintain a sharp focus on objects. The exercise also gives an insight into how the eye vision can be trained to focus by specific exercises to provide accurate precision focus, in uncanny ways. What specific mechanics of the eye anatomy and what areas of the eye vision system is being engaged while doing specific exercises is not understood by me without me making an effort to read and study more on the subject. But I do appreciate doing the eye vision exercises because they exercise the eye vision system in many areas previously un-imaged by me. The biggest challenge to doing the eye vision exercises daily is completing tasks and daily commitments. It is a challenge in how well daily life is organized and structured in my point of view. If the week is so well motivated and organized so that everything is a breeze to get through, in a 25-minute session may be really easy without making any effort to struggle with it. However, if the motivation is down and other demands and life distractions for a time, then it surely becomes a struggle to maintain. I take the time to manage it as best as possible at the time, not making excuses but by being practical to the priorities that I have set in advance I can be flexible and give and take as time permits, so I have missed a day or two here and there. Living a healthy life is a priority for me.
See next Preview Week 6, Days 31-60.  

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Natural eye vision program review number 4

Natural eye vision program review number 4

Natural eye vision program review number 4 Program review week. Days 19-24.

Natural eye vision program review number 4, week 4 does have several changes to the specific eye exercises to those done in the previous weeks. The 3 Cup eye exercises: Level 3a and 3b are practiced over 2-minute duration on this week. The other changes to the eye exercises in the In & Out eye exercises that are extended from 4 minutes to 5 minutes per each eye. The Pinball eye exercise is done for 2-minute duration per each eye, and there is one eye relaxation exercise and also at the end of the 25-minute exercise, the routine ends with a 4 minute Relax eyes rest.
Click image below for access.

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Natural eye vision program review number 4 requires personal discipline

At this point the need for discipline becomes obvious, to put aside a half an hour each morning (or 6 mornings per week) and to focus without distractions on the eye exercises. This would be more difficult for some people than others, depending on what the living environment and circumstances are. The main important thing to consider is that is there a relatively quiet place where to focus and concentrate on doing the eye vision exercises. It does require space up to 8 meters (20 + feet) for the 20/20/20 In & Out eye exercises with the eye chart. This can be done outdoors if the space is more suitable there, but the outdoor environment and elements need to be suitable and comfortable. The good thing about outdoors space is that it can have very good light (important factor), it can be peaceful environment especially during the summer months and if there is cover from the wind and rain then there is a good reason to do the eye exercises outdoors, if there is a suitable place for it.

The need for discipline comes from the dedicating time to a specific task, to do eye exercises; it is not difficult in comparison to doing physical exercises outdoors, like training for some particular sport; swimming, cycling, running, or triathlon sports events. Training for competitive sport is entirely in a different class, that really requires discipline and commitment to get up early each morning and train for many hours of physical training, even several times per day for the professionals athletes.

The eye exercises require discipline in a different way, it does take motivation and a reason why to keep doing the exercises. Quality time for the exercises is a needed, because if there is a peaceful quiet time to do the exercises then there is an understanding and the exercises are reasonable exercises with a realization that the exercises are having a positive effect on the eye vision. And with a quality eye exercise routine over time, there will be a positive effect being realized. The human body with the eleven biological organ systems does adapt to the environment but it does need the essential nutrients and fuel to continue to grow, repair, maintain and perform to its full potential.

Natural eye vision program review number 4
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The Quiet time is a practical use of time

The bare minimum of physical activity can also be very practical and useful in daily planning and meaningful productivity. This is not an excuse to neglect the need for physical exercise to stay healthy. What I mean is the important need to relax and to calm down in the morning when making plans, to have a quiet time for 30 to 45 minutes for example. That does require discipline because the purpose is more of a spiritual exercise in nature than a physical exercise. It can be a very useful practice to maintain purposefully focused while doing the daily tasks whether for work, family or personal commitments. The purpose of personal disciplines is not to become enslaved to a ritual but rather exercise the freedom of the will to stay physically active with freedom of the mind to have control over the body. The physical body can easily become addicted to habits that are chemical in nature they may be chemicals that are consumed or chemicals that are internally produced naturally. Physical-chemical addictions should be avoided so that they don’t get a foothold and start to control the mind, earlier the self-disciplines are learned then there is more control over the physical body.

What does this have to do with eye exercises? It is in the eye exercise discipline that needs to be consistent so that the objective goal of the eye exercises has a chance to make a difference and to effect. Another way to reason this is to compare the eye anatomy to the human body anatomy, there are the muscles and the muscle memory that will eventually become unconscious habits. It may be the sitting posture at the workstation, over time with the long work days and stress the sitting posture can towards a physically negative posture that will have an effect on the skeletal system. This can be avoided by consciously making an effort to sit in a posture that is healthy for the body, even when the work demands may be pressing to ignore everything else other than the work task at hand. This conscious effort takes discipline to master and it can improve the quality of life and health over long term.


Natural eye vision program review 4, week four in the eye exercises was delayed for some time; I picked it up again about a week later after being distracted to other work tasks. Also, I felt that the eye exercises were being felt in the eye muscles, along with working on the computer with text and images at least 8 hours a day, so I took a break to rest the eyes for at least a full week.
I have also started using two clips for the eye chart on the wall and if I do the string bead exercise, the clips/pegs make it more practical and quick to have the charts ready on the wall. The weather does affect the eye exercises because I rely on the natural sunlight during the eye exercises. A cloudy day with less sunlight coming through the window does make it impossible to see the 20/20/20 line of letter on the eye chart at 20 feet. On a sunny bright day, there is lots of light coming through the window so the small letters are relatively clear to read with each eye and really easy with both eyes open.
No complaints about the eye exercises, other than the “Ping Pong” card with the small print numbers (In my Rebuild Your Vision kit), there are two cards that have two sides, one small print, and one large print, the small print side are not matching with the eye level of the numbers. The positioning of the two cards (long narrow rectangular cards) that do not align when placing them side by side. The correction can be made by having one card higher than the other by a single number.

The “Ping Pong” eye exercise is an exercise where the two parallel cards are placed on a flat top or a tea table, they have a vertical line of numbers on each, and the numbers are sequential, from one card to the other. The cards are placed on a flat surface and the person doing the exercise in directly above the number cards that are on the table. One is on the left-hand side, and one on the right-hand side. One eye is covered with an eye patch; the eye that is open is directly above the starting number 1. The position of the head is stationary, it does not move, the line-of-eye-sight will look down to the number 1, and focus there for a second or two, and them to the number 2, on the left-hand side and focus on it (if the left eye is being covered) without moving the head, and on and on from Right to Left, Left to Right, Right to Left, just like a “Ping Pong” ball game, the eyes movement is from side to side just like watching a ping pong game with the eyes only, without rotating the head  . But the exercise does this with each eye individually, therefore, making the exercise really testing and effective exercise on both individual eyes independently.

Week 5. Days 25-30.

Natural eye vision program review number 5.

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The next weekly routine will be only 5 days per week. Read the next review report here.

Nutrition value

Nutrition value

Nutrition value, what is nutrition?  There are so many opinions and definitions about Nutrition that it may be confusing for some.  Even worse is that those people that don’t care about Nutrition they argue that it does not even exist, meaning that it makes no difference to the overall health of a person whether they eat “nutrition” of not, confusing, right the world is often a bloody mess of opinions.

Nutrition value
Live coconut germinating on a sandy beach

Here is some clear definition of Nutrition value from Wikipedia:

“Nutrition is the selection of foods and preparation of foods, and their ingestion to be assimilated by the body. By practicing a healthy diet, many of the known health issues can be avoided. The diet of an organism is what it eats, which is largely determined by the perceived palatability of foods”

Healthy Diet:  what is healthy diet?  Again here is a definition from Wikipedia.

“A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve general health. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition: fluid, adequate essential amino acids from protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and adequate calories. The requirements for a healthy diet can be met from a variety of plant-based and animal-based foods”.


Nutrition value and Dr. Joel Wallach.

Who is Dr. Joel Wallach

Joel Wallach was born and raised in Missouri, Dr. Joel Wallach attended The University of Missouri, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Agriculture. A veterinarian for 30 years, he worked as a research veterinary pathologist with The National Institute of Health for The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri; Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia, at Emory University.

Here is a list of Dr. Joel Wallach career milestones:

  • 1962 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in Animal Husbandry (Nutrition) Minor in Field crops and Soil University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
  • 1964 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine  University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
  • 1966-68 Post-doctoral fellowship The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems Washington University, Barnes Hospital St. Louis Zoological Gardens, Missouri Shaw’s Botanical gardens, Missouri
  • 1982 Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine The National college of Naturopathic Medicine – Portland, Oregon
  • 1988 Recipient of the Wooster Beach Gold Medal Award For significant breakthrough in the basic understanding of the cause and pathophysiology of Cystic Fibrosis awarded by the Association of Eclectic Physicians.
  • 1991 Nobel Prize Nominee – Medicine For his stunning discoveries in the use of trace minerals to prevent catastrophic diseases in the newborn. Nomination by the Association of Eclectic Physicians (Chartered 1823).
  • Dr. Wallach’s research has resulted in the publication of more than 70 peer-reviewed and refereed journal articles in the fields of nutrition and pharmaceutical research.

Here is the reasoning behind Dr. Joel Wallach Mission to the world as stated on the website Wallach-On-Line:

  1. We cannot get all the vitamins and minerals we need for metabolic competence from the standard three meals a day.

  2. When the body has been assaulted by stressors, drugs, pollutants, injury or sickness, nutrients are lost more rapidly than normal and if they are not replaced, the victim’s ability to withstand stressors or fight off disease is reduced.

  3. We use so many labor-saving devices that we need fewer calories. As food intake is reduced, it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need without taking supplements.

  4. Pollutants in the air, food & water put a stress on all of us. As a result, we require more vitamins and minerals to support the enzyme systems which aid in discharging these unwanted toxins.

  5. Those sweet, “empty calorie” foods we eat rob the body of the nutrients required for digestion and absorption. In addition, food sensitivities and yeast infections damage intestinal lining cells so that even when we do eat nutrient dense food, absorption is limited.

Dr. Joel Wallach is an author.

Here are some of the books published:

The skeptical view of the world

There are skeptical unbelieving people in the world that make a living out of being a skeptic; there is a place in the heart of the human personality for,  genuine good will, good faith, belief, morality, agreement, reasoning, values, logic and rational natural healthy living.

Unbelief in truth, beauty and goodness

Some people will not believe anything that is outside of their circle of interest, experience or pleasures. They seem to be forever skeptical of the classical virtues of; truth, beauty, and goodness. They have some kind of subjective evidence, and an experience to support their belief.  Some also may have a long addictive habit of smoking cigarettes, initiated during the early teenage years at college, by a particular social group peer pressure. Initially a social pressure, which became a social status in a group, perceived as being “desirable cool”. The fine tuning balance of the human body with the eleven organ systems to regulate and to maintain the body functioning in a healthy state as a unit was completely disregarded at that point in time. Social creatures behaving as the herd, without thinking rationally about the long-term health consequences. After 10, 20, 30 or more years of smoking tobacco cigarettes, an unbelieving skeptic may argue that there is no evidence to support that regular smoking has been a waste of money or that it is a negative undesirable habit. They may argue for the intoxicating sensation to the nerve center that a fresh dose of nicotine in the veins produces, but it is a subjective physical sensational experience that the person has become addicted to, defending their personal addiction.

Natural health needs to be looked at from a neutral perspective, what is in the best interest of the person or animal overall. Dr, Joel Wallach extensive experience as a veterinary doctor seeing and recording with his own eyes how birth defects and abnormalities were at times or places common amongst nutrient deficient birth givers, and they were not genetic as wrongly often assumed. One such proven example told in a Dr. Joel Wallach YouTube video the was that of a birth defects by an Arctic fox male and female pair, it occurred every time over many years, but the defects were always a different defect. The problem was fixed by supplementing the diet with a well-balanced diet of minerals and vitamins. The arctic foxes started giving birth to healthy pups over and over as long as the diet was well balanced and healthy for the fox couple. This long career in the veterinary discipline has given Dr. Joel Wallach an insight into the important role that nutrition has because it is common knowledge amongst the stock breeders of livestock that are very cost ineffective to have a poor birth rate. In case, you did not know or realize this but the food that people enjoy eating in restaurants or even buying it at the local butchers, are all very young animals, the lambs are only about eight to sixteen weeks old, 2-4 months. Many people gloat with pleasure when they discover how tender and soft the meat of a baby cow veal really is, but they give no thought to the fact that they are eating a baby cows meat.
A lot of research has been done to improve the rate of healthy stock being born, in all farm animals imaginable, from chicken, ducks, and geese to goats, pigs, cattle, and horses. Healthy farm animal births mean consistent revenue for the farmers business. According to Dr. Joel Wallach the stock animal industry has eliminated hundreds of diseases and defects from the farm stocks over the last hundred years. The use of mineral and vitamin supplements with the farm animals has been scientifically proven to work, they have a track record that proves the results, and better health is produced by providing the farm animals a well-balanced nutritional diet.
I am also a strong believer of free eggs, I never buy battery eggs, and never consciously buy Veal even after being in the commercial cookery industry over 20 years, I don’t accept mistreatment of animals, and producing baby animals just so that they can be eaten at the “Baby” stage is immoral in my opinion. It does not respect the natural gift of life. Maybe eating chicken eggs is also immoral in that sense, I think it immoral for those people that don’t make the world a better more morally responsible place. Everyone has to start somewhere, to carry responsibility and to be morally responsible. To sacrificing a lifetime, to use others to make money and not to give anything back, by influence or sharing ideas that others may benefit is too common in our greedy world of selfish gain. What I perceive from the materials that I have listened and watched Dr. Joel Wallach is not one of those people that has a mission for selfish gain, his has genuine compassion to help others get a natural healthy quality of life by proving information and resources to mineral and vitamin supplements, and giving lectures on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for your time in reading this article on Nutrition value. 

Program review week 3

Program review week 3

Program review week 3. Days 13-18.

Program review week 3 started for me on a Monday, with a new routine exercises. The new exercises for this week were the Ferris wheel and a new variation in the 3 Cup exercise. Also in the In & Out exercise the time was extended from 3 minutes per each individual eye exercise to 4 minutes per eye exercise.

Program review week 3
Natural landscape polished by time

I made some changes in the locations where I placed the eye charts, it is important that there is efficient light reflected onto the eye chart. The previous location was in the shade and at 20 feet (7.7 meters) there was not sufficient light to make out the smallest line of letters. The new location is next to a window that the light is coming from and it is reflected back onto the eye chart by the opposite wall, and I use the hallway in the opposite direction as before.

Click image below to get access.

Program review week 3

New discovery.

I discovered during the In & Out exercise while doing the individual eye exercise that the eye vision strength was not equally strong. One eye had a clearer vision at the 20/20 range, and in the poor light, one eye was not able to determine what the eye chart letter were as easily as the other eye.

Human beings are symmetrical creatures.

The right side brain and the left-hand side face that includes also the individual eyes. The right-hand side brain controls the left eye, and the left-hand side brain controls the right-hand side eye. According to a study done by
Institute of Cognitive Neurology of the Modern University for the Humanities there are also differences with the right hand leading people, as a result of the tests done on determining are there right handed people with a left leading eye. They discovered that 2/3 of the right handed people have a left leading eye. The test were done using a computer screen and bring up text on the left-hand side and on the right-hand side, whichever side text they read consistently quicker and accurately that determined whether they had an left side leading eye or the right side leading eye. See the story at Science

During the week 3 of the eye exercises this was no problems with me sticking to the program routine only once or twice did I almost forget to do the exercise before going to the computer. Using the computer in the morning has become a habit, and there are several reasons for that, emails, news, and work. But when I thought about it I came to the conclusion that going to the computer first thing in the morning is not a good thing, because the body is so adaptive to the environment, the human body will adapt to the tasks that we willfully assign to it, and slouching at a computer first thing in the morning is not ideal way to start the day. Also for the eye vision, the eye exercises will give new muscle memory and new eye tracking and focus ability with a regular exercise routine, that is just the way it is with the human body. In the best interest of improving the eyesight, I think it is better to give the eye vision and body a fresh assignment after the quality night sleep and rest. So after the overnight break the mind will be fresh and receptive to new tasks and new challenges of the day, so why not give it fresh morning outside air exercise and also by doing the eye vision exercises. That is how habits are formed, by keeping to a routine it will eventually become a habit, so why not choose the productive good habits.
The eye exercises are going fine I going to keep doing them, there are no issues other than occasional lack of motivation to do the 25 minute routine, but I will myself to do, and if I feel tired in the morning then I keep away from the computer, go out for a while and wait until I have done the eye exercises. In a way am saying to myself, without doing the eye exercises then no computer use, that way I have set priorities right for the day.
Week 4. Days 19-24. Read the rest Rebuild Your Vision review article here posted at

Review rebuild your vision program

Review rebuild your vision program

Review rebuild your vision program is great because it is a100 % natural solution to many eye vision problems. The are many positive 100% guaranteed healthy solutions for a healthy life, meaning ingredients that conducive to a healthy life.  Choosing the healthy options over the  unhealthy ones.  There are four basic ingredients:  clean fresh water, clean fresh oxygen, balanced nutrition and regular physical exercise, preferably outdoors.

Review: Rebuild Your Vision program
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Rebuild Your Vision Program Kit.

The kit comes in a white cardboard box that weighs about 3 pounds. Inside the contents are:

  • Binder folder
  • 89 A4 pages of program information
  • Audio course on a CD
  • Vision Defense software program on a CD
  • 3 Eye charts
  • Eye patch
  • Sting bead
  • Mineral, vitamin and herb supplement sample (if requested Ocu-Plus Formula).

Two ways to use the Review rebuild your vision program:

Reading from the text, or listening to the audio files either downloaded onto a computer or from the CD.

Dedication, consistency and motivation.

The program is no easy magic; the results are achieved from regular eye exercises, sensible instructions, and from a well balanced natural nutrition.
Any short time efforts may not produce results; it may take several weeks before noticeable results are noticeable.

Strong claims that regular eye exercises can remove the dependency on corrective eye glasses.

Suggestions to decrease the description of eye glasses and also eye contacts, only if the environment is not endangering.

Try to obtain a description that is slightly under corrected, that allows to see at a 20/30 or 20/40 range.

This allows to progress in a positive direction, and to work your way to the lesser description as the vision improves with the Rebuild Your Vision program.

Actually talking about reversing your vision problems and improving upon the damage already occurs.

Working with reduced description should only be done with activities that are not in a dangerous environment.
Here are some of the exercises provided with the Rebuild Your Vision program kit.

  • String beads exercise. Beads on a string.Improving the focusing ability of the eyes, for both close and distant accommodation. Adjusting the point of focus from at arms length to the tip of the nose.  it is an exercise in control,  gradual controlled focusing as the eyes travel focusing along the string to the beads and beyond.

Be consistent with the daily eye exercises.

Consistency to the daily exercises is necessary to see the positive changes of an improved eyesight.  Most people would agree that through regular daily exercise their physical health can be improved, especially if the daily exercises have a specific goal to improve specific areas of their health.  The eye vision system, generally speaking, also has muscles and nutritional needs that enable it to function, grow and regenerate in a consistent manner.   Other ways to improve the eye vision is to think preventative  and eliminate harmful environments and negative practices.   Computer vision syndrome is caused by near-point stress over long periods of time.  Vision Defense software program can reduce the negative effects of it by reminding the computer user to break up the near-point stress every 10-20 minutes, and to relieve the eyes by focusing at further distances for 10-20 seconds at a time.   Also, the use a reliable nutrition supplement can support the nutritional needs of a healthy eye vision. Other ways to support a healthy eye vision are:

  • Massage exercise. A massage at the end of the eye exercises.  Sitting down relaxed, using the middle and index finger to massage the temple surrounding the eyes.
  • In close, and Out far focusing. Switching point of focus from a close distance while holding a card in one hand, which has letters of an alphabet, and also switching further out to the eye chart set at further distance. In and out exercise is performed more than any other exercise.  In chart and an out chart, also an eye patch.  Patch one eye, focusing on a letter of the alphabet on the eye chart.

This exercise requires that the distance is measured and recorded, from the point where the chart is viewed from.  The eye chart is placed at a distance, so that a singular letter can be recognized, looking through one eye at a time.  The eye chart has 6 rows of letter that correspond with the scale of 10/70 down to 20/20.  202/20 meaning that at 20 feet away, the row of letters (9mm tall) can be recognized through a single eye view.
The smaller eye chart card that is held in the hand also had various size letters on it.  The exercise requires that the smaller chart is held below the eye chart that is at a distance so that the eye focus is obtained at arm’s length (9-30 centimeters)  and the eye view can quickly and smoothly move from the small hand chart to the chart at a distance and focusing with clarity.   This exercise tests the flexibility of the eye focus ability. Focusing and re-adjusting the focus from a near-point to a distant point with clear focus clarity.   The purpose is to focus as clearly as possible, both near distances and further away objects.  This exercise is performed for both individual eyes at a time, using an eye patch.  The second level to this exercise is done with both eyes open, normally this makes visibility and focus noticeably stronger.   Because of the recorded distance of view and the size of the letter row on the eye chart, this will reveal if the eye vision is improved over time.  Providing that this exercise is made in the same location, at least at the same light conditions. The lighting condition do produce variation in the ability to focus clearly, poor light conditions will produce poor results. Reading small print during clear day sunlight enables reading of relatively small print, a contrast to poor indoor lighting, and keep this in mind when testing your eye vision strengths.

  •  Three cups. Level 1-3.

Many of the rebuild Your Vision Program exercises come in various levels, e.g. 1, 2, 3.

There is a recommended training routine given by the Rebuild Your Vision program.

There are three options given with a recommendation guide for a particular weakness or an eye vision problem:
Routine # 1:
Nearsightedness and / or Astigmatism.
Routine # 2:
Aging Vision and/ or Farsightedness.
Routine # 3:
Aging Vision and Nearsightedness.
The routine is then listed out in a sequence of days.

  1. Day 1-6.
  2. Day 7-12.
  3. Day 13-18.
  4. Day 19-24.
  5. Day 25-30.
  6. Day 31-60.
  7. Day 60 and beyond.

There are recommendations that once the personal goals are achieved after 60 days and beyond. That the Rebuild Your Vision program exercises should have become familiar by then, and also know which techniques work best for a particular eye vision rebuilding need.  Then the exercises routines can be done in succession, including the relaxation exercises and rest periods.

As mentioned at the beginning of this page:

Dedication, Consistency and Motivation are important ingredients for achieving success.

The human body has many systems, each system has their common needs as well as a unique set of needs, and some of the common needs of the human body system are regular physical exercise, fresh clean drinking water, fresh clean air, balanced nutrition, protein, fats, minerals, vitamins. By participating in healthy outdoor activities can improve the physical health as well as lift the emotional spirits and a generate a positive optimistic mindset, that keep the wheel rolling even when challenged by the gravitational pull of an uphill.    Cycling is a great sport recreational activity that I recommend to anybody, always keep your wits about you focused and calculate all unnecessary risks in advance, and avoid them.

Review rebuild your vision program

Rebuild Your Vision is a well-Researched program.

I think Rebuild Your Vision program is well researched, I am trying it out and hope to see some results in due time. I agree that the best time to do the exercises is early in the morning, first thing on the to-do-list.  It is a natural exercise program with a sample mineral, vitamins and herb supplement provided for the first 30 days. The supplement needs more though and perhaps a future topic to write on.  I think Rebuild your Vision Program is a positive option for a vital topic, the human vision system. Rebuild Your Vision Program offers a Natural solution to a whole range of eye vision problems that many people encounter, and too often the first remedy on offer is corrective lenses, which in turn fix the poor eye condition to a standstill, or even to a gradual decrease of the eye vision.

Watch a video of the unboxing of the Rebuild Your Vision Kit from this YouTube link.

Thank you for reading this review: Review rebuild your vision program, I hope this has been helpful to you, and to your commitment to better your eye vision, with the Rebuild your eye vision program.  A genuine effort with understanding can improve your eye vision, it is a logical conclusion, based on the physical laws of the eye vision system, and the biological system o f the human body, that rebuilds and renews the human body every day.  That is another reason why food should be viewed not as “comfort stuff”, but as the building blocks for a healthy body and mind.

Read up on the following Week 3 of the Review from this link.


Eye exercise

Eye exercise

Eye exercise can vary a lot from one type of exercise to another, the eye exercise  can  sharpen the focus (accommodation) and strengthen the muscles that control the  eye movement .  Watch a video of the ocular muscles, that control the movement of the eyes.

What is an Eye exercise?

Different people will have different opinions, belief’s and understanding on what eye exercises are.   Initially for many people, eye exercises may be relaxing exercises or eye muscle strengthening exercises.  Or eye exercise  can be eye vision improvement exercises, that work the entire visual system to enhance the eye vision performance, and also to reduce or eliminate eye vision disorders.  Prevention is better than a cure, eye vision system improvement program does have a whole range of exercises that are very specific for a specific function for the eye vision system,   including working the eyes individually one by one, using an eye patch to cover one eye at a time.


Eye Exercise is a natural method to solve eye vision problems.

Prevention is better than a cure, eye exercises is a  natural solution to problem solving, the other options may be corrective lenses, contact lenses or eye surgery.  These are not outlandish claims, just like for many thousands of people of the future, the pain of heart surgery can be avoided, if they take preventative measures and look after their fitness and health.  People need to walk more, drive less, exercise more, watch TV less, more nutrition, less junk food,  cycle more and use the taxi less.  The same old dynamics of life are still active in today’s modern world.  Technology has made life a lot cushy for many people, as result, many people’s health had declined to a miserable poor level.

A Healthy lifestyle should be a priority.

Eye exercises link from here.

Eye exercise
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What eye exercises can do.

Eye exercise do improve coordination and flexibility.

  • Exercise to the muscles that focus the vision up close and far away.
  • Exercise to improve the control, speed, and precision of the eyes focus.
  • Exercise to improve visual acuity; eyes focus ability for close and distant objects, accommodation of vision.

Some exercises are specific to a specific eye needs, to improve and strengthen a weakness.
The eye vision problem may be such as:

  1. Nearsightedness and or Astigmatism.
  2. Aging Vision and or Farsightedness.
  3. Aging vision and Nearsightedness.

To part take in an eye vision exercise program does take personal commitment and discipline.   The best part of the day to do them is in the morning when the eyes are fresh and relaxed from overnight quality sleep,  at least, quality sleep and rest is a desirable goal to aim for.   The eye exercises may take less than 30 minutes, doing several exercises routines.  One exercise may only take 1-4 minutes per each eye.  It may not sound much, but consciously focusing and re-focusing on a eye chart at a distance and up close chart does take a willingness to improve one’s eye vision, and the resolve to follow up on it every morning until it becomes a normal routine.    It’s not that the program tasks are difficult, or demanding, but the truth is that people often can be ridiculously lazy to do anything positive for their health and wellness.  Make the effort, it is well worth it.